Hi, i am Frontend & backend Java developer

I do web applications for business

CRM systems, online constructors, websites, e-shops, applications for phones. I use Java, Spring, HTML5, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB


How can i help you

For corporate business

System integration, software support, software development from scratch, business process automation, IT consulting.

For medium business

CRM/ERP software integration, business process automation, company website development, mobile application development, IT consulting.

For small business and startups

Can create Website, landing-page, e-shop, online-constructor, hosting, IT consulting, SEO for percent of each sale.

Ready to use CRM system

CRM system suit for each company

Modules: orders, customers, analytics, warehouse management, business reports.

Online support

You can ask any questions in any way.

You don't need to worry about hosting

We can put CRM system on our hosting and it will run 24/7.

Custom functions development for your business processes

You can be free to order any additional function.

Wanna watch? Contact me